This Delumptious duo contains an extra-special limited edition copy of our favourite book, The BFG, which includes some Whoppsy big secrets 'that nobody is ever hearing before', alongside our Dream Catcher’s Pillow Spray, inspired by The BFG. This magical mist is sprayed on your pillow at bedtime to give you phizz-whizzing happy dreams. And don't forget it also comes packaged in a carton that doubles up as a bookmark, with a set of personalized stickers and chances to win wondercrump prizes inside.“Dreams is very mystical things” said the BFG, and at Bloom and Blossom, we wholeheartedly agree. That’s why we have teamed up with The Roald Dahl Story Company to bring you our Bath, Book & Bedtime range with a delumptious dollop of help from the BFG of course.As parents we know the importance of a positive bedtime routine in promoting quality sleep, and we hope that together, Bloom and Blossom products and the enchantment of the BFG, will help you and your little ones sleep well, dream big, and believe you can be anything you want to be. Together, Bloom and Blossom and the enchantment of The BFG will help your littles to sleep well and dream big.The signature fragrance throughout the range contains the relaxing and calming scent of sweet orange, eucalyptus, bergamot, satsuma, lavender and patchouli. At the heart of the range is our family skincare philosophy with all products being: - dermatologist and paediatrician approved - safe for sensitive and eczema prone skin - suitable from newborn - worry free

Bloom & Blossom The BFG Bath, Book & Bedtime Gift Set