Lilypad Gardens is the address every fairy would love to live. Lily, the resident Fairy, is known as the Summer Fairy who LOVES flowers, nature and greeting the sun on a bright summers morning. Lilypad Gardens great place for Lily and her froggy friend to live and you can help Lily feel right at home by growing flowers of creating a rooftop garden above her home. Lily's house can be even more special if you make her some hand-made furniture from items you can find or recycle.

My Fairy Garden is a collectable girl's range that encourages interaction with nature through play. The kits offer children a delightful experience of imaginative open-ended play whilst discovering the magic of growing real plants. There are cute little flowerpot fairy homes, fairy doors to place in your house to allow fairies to enter and Fairy Tale stories to encourage children’s imaginations! Make your child’s bedroom an enchanted place with these magical toys!

Contents: 1 x 3-Part Flowerpot House (Saucer, House, & Flowerpot), 1 x Fairy Figure (Lily), 1 x Flog Figure, 3 x Floating Lilypads, Sunflower Windmill, Packet of Grass Seeds, Sunflower Windmill, Instructions/Activity Book.

Suitable for ages 4 years+

Lilypad Gardens