4 Light Sponge Doughnut Shaped Rings with Orange Flavoured Filling, Covered in Dark Crackly Chocolate

4 Individually Wrapped Jonuts

Have your Jonut and Eat It

Congratulations, You're Winning at Snack Time

Suitable for Vegetarians

Thought Jaffa Cakes couldn't get any more epic? Think again! Our magic Jaffa combo but with a twist - soft donutty shaped sponge, tangy orangey filling, topped with a layer of crackly chocolate.

Jump for Jaffa Joy, You've Hit the Snackpot!

"Cake? Biscuit? Donut? No - its Jaffa Jonuts. A delicious light sponge, donut-shaped ring, with tangy orange filling and crackly dark chocolate on top. The love child of the epic Jaffa Cakes and a tasty donut"

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