Eight Till Late Variety Popcorn Gift Carry Pack

For marathon movie nights!

Contains 8 bags of ZaraMama assorted popping corn. Makes 8 large bowls or 16 portions.

The box includes 8 bags of gourmet popping corn chosen from the varieties listed below:

Autumn Haze - Baby White - Baby Yellow Tiny - Black Mountain - Blue Seas - Creamy Crunch - Fiery Amber - Golden Butter - Midnight Blue -Pink Blossom - Rich Ruby -Zaramama Mix

Pack Size: 8 x 90 g

All of ZaraMama popcorn is 100% GMO Free and contains no colourants, additives, or preservatives, just corn, naturally grown out in the field.

Brilliant gift idea for a popcorn lover!

ZaraMama Gourmet Popcorn Gift Box