If you’ve ever wondered how some people network so effortlessly, while you feel awkward and out of place, this book is for you.

Written from a shy girl’s perspective, in this book Melitta Campbell shares the exact steps introverts can take to master the three phases of networking, both online and in person, to build powerful and lasting relationships. 

As an introvert herself, getting out into the ‘networksphere’ was always a battle for Melitta until she created her innovative VICTORY Formula. This laid out her own rules of engagement, enabling her to embrace her natural abilities as an introvert, grow in confidence and shine while networking. In learning this formula for yourself, you’ll be able to enjoy the same results. 

This small, but mighty book will help you:

Overcome your networking fears and hesitations
Create your personalised networking vision and plan
Manage engaging conversations and move on politely
Leverage the three phases of networking for business success
Build your personal brand through your in person and online networking
Embrace your natural (and powerful) skills as an introvert

…and much more!

Melitta’s network has opened exciting new doors and enabled her to grow beyond what she felt possible, leading her to conclude that ‘networking is the ultimate shortcut to everything you desire in business, and in life’. 

If you are ready to achieve the next level of success in your business, A Shy Girl’s Guide to Networking will help you get there. 

"Melitta's 'A Shy Girl's Guide to Networking' is an innovative take on networking, and a new formula that gives you the courage to build successful business partnerships!”
Sarah Santecroce, Author, Gentle Marketing Revolution

"Melitta's book, ‘A shy Girl’s Guide to Networking' is a true reflection of her inspirational journey, and provides encouragement and practical steps for all those wishing to overcome their own inhibitions and reach a whole new level in their business." James Moffatt, Founder, Visibility Impact

“There are so many ways we can network - not only the way of the extravert. What the world wants is the genuine you, connecting with people with openness and authenticity. This is what Melitta brilliantly gives you in her book, along with reassurance that you can do this.” Kristin Engvig, Founder, WIN & Women’s International Networking Conference


A Shy Girl’s Guide to Networking by Melitta Campbell